Faculty of Health Sciences


Prof. Joanna Rosińczuk, Ph.D., RN


During the First National Meeting of the Polish Nursing Association and the Nursing Section of the Medical Professionals Trade Union in 1957, the demand to establish higher educational studies in nursing was formulated. In 1959, the Ministry of Health and Welfare called for a Policy Committee for Establishing Higher Educational Studies in Nursing. The Faculty of Nursing was established on June 23, 1978. The new Faculty had four departments:

  • Department of Nursing Education,
  • Department of Social Nursing,
  • Department of Nurse’s Work Organisation,
  • Department of Clinical Nursing and Rehabilitation.

Between 1979–1984, the Faculty provided three-year supplementary courses for non-resident graduates of vocational medical schools. In 1982, the first diplomas were awarded. In 1996, a five-year course for part-time students was introduced. In 2001, the Faculty of Nursing was renamed the Faculty of Public Health. In 2008, the Faculty of Public Health was renamed the Faculty of Health Sciences. Since 2005, no new enrolments have been accepted. The Faculty of Health Sciences currently offers courses in nursing, obstetrics, physiotherapy, public health and emergency medicine.

About faculty

We are the biggest Faculty in the region which educates nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, paramedics, dieticians and public health managers. We support our students in job finding due to close cooperation with the public health employers, who help us create modern study programs. The members of our staff conduct important international studies and publish their work in highly rated periodicals.